Zülkani SAHIN - MBA Graduation Ceremony in Carlisle UK - University of Cumbria - 2013 Zülkani SAHIN - MBA Graduation Ceremony in Carlisle UK - University of Cumbria - 2013  

Hello , my name is Zulkani,  I consider myself as GLOBAL CITIZEN.

Enjoy your learning journey tabout me, don't hesitate to contact me if you need further information or business suggestion. 


I worked as expatriate in England (Manchester, Birmingham, London, Newcastle, Leeds, Lancaster, Ambleside, York, Chester, Carlisle ...), Glasgow, Edinburgh, Jhon O ' Gratz, Highlands ..., in Central America (located in Panama City), in Nigeria (Kaduna, Abuja, Lagos, Jos, Maidiguri, Port Harcourt ...), Czech Republic (Cheb, Praha, Pilzen, Karlovy Vary ...), Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Mersin, Konya, Izmir ...), in France (Paris, Millau, Besançon, Strasbourg ...)


Gallileo Galilei used to say: the univers is a large opened book front of our eyes, it belongs to each of  us to understand and appreciate it but in one condition you have to know its language which is composed by equations, mathematics, curves ...


My intention is to give to people my disocveries, my knowledge, my expereinces, my values, my vision in order for them to explore and discover new dimension, but in return, only one obligation,  they have to hold the hands of those who are in need and give them the seeds which will grow inisde them.

Coaching dealer commercial employees in Buenos Aeres - July 2013



Business Analysis and Research

Project Management

Quality Management

Logistic, procurement, stock management

Strategy Management


Action Learning & Action Research

Learning Organization


Financial & Money Management

Mech. Electro. IT, Digital


Organizational Behavior

Human Resources

Sustainability Development

Core Competence & Competitive Advantage

Mentoring , Coaching

Change Management

Balanced Scorecard & Data Envelopment Analysis

Power Deficit Executive

Intelligence Comptence



- Flexible, nimble and Strategist, recognized by his organizational behavior qualities and Business Developer and Researcher in difficult context and multicultural environment.

- Ethical, persevering, decision maker and innovator, indicating the vision, defining missions and the strategy to reach objectives, by aligned and shared actions..

- Effective and responsible in functional and operational context: overcome the complex challenges and makes the decisions with strong impact, with a constant reflection and an academic approach.

- Respect, develop & leverage the human capital: Leader of talented professionals. Sharing the culture of performance and ensuring the rise in competence in a global uncertain environment, encouraging the individual initiatives.

- Constant outcomes in critical missions: conducted by a major need to work out strategies and to innovate. Like an investor using the instinct, the judgement and the inspiration to succeed whatever the difficulties and the barriers are. Successes proven by collecting KPI.

- Capacity shown to incorporate the interests of the stakeholders related to Profit, People, Planet, with search of added-value, shared vision and alignment in the divergent points of view.

Interviewed by Nigerian Television in 2011 during the After Sale Meeting in Dutse city, before visiting the Governor, the Commercial Minister and His Excellency Emir of Duste State in the North of Nigeria

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