Zülkani SAHIN - MBA Graduation Ceremony in Carlisle UK - University of Cumbria - 2013 Zülkani SAHIN - MBA Graduation Ceremony in Carlisle UK - University of Cumbria - 2013
Business Research - MBA in Leadership & Sustainability - University of Cumbria UK
Purpose – This research examined the perception and the attitudes of the executives, the functional managers and the operational managers of PSA and its retailers towards Sustainability De
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Firstly this website objective is to explore and achieve my MBA Dissertation within collaborative relation with professional individuals and dynamic firms.


My MBA in Leadership and Sustainability will be terminated soon. I am preparing and investigating to produce an appropriated and valued MBA dissertation related to sustainability and/or leadership, in order to enlarge my skill particualarly in research.


I am looking for contact to establish collaborative relation to achieve my project. My plan will be the following:


1 - Choosing and developping a subject to investigate,

2 - What research is and choosing an appropriate methodology,

3 - Techniques of qualitative research and action research,

4 - Techniques of quantitative research including sampling and triangulation,

5 - Wrtiing a proposal,

6 - Using literature,

7 - Evaluating research results,

8 - Writting up my disseration,

9 - The role of supervisors, mentors and the assessment of my disseratation,

10 - Bibliography


If you have any idea and suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact


Brian WHite, 2009, Writing MBA dissertation, ed. South-Western Cengage Learning, Hampshire UK.




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